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Spectral gamma ray tools provide insight into the mineral composition of formations. The total gamma ray spectra measured is resolved into the three most common components of naturally occurring radiation in sands and shales—potassium, thorium, and uranium (K, Th, and U, respectively). gamma rays are potassium (40K) with a half-life of 1.3 109 years, thorium (232Th) with a half-life of 1.4 1010 years, and uranium (238U) with a half-life of 4.4 109 years. Minerals that fix K, U, and Th, such as clay minerals, are the principal source of NGR. Other examples include arkosic silt and sandstones,

APPLICATIONS Many of the applications of the Natural gamma

when thorium and uranium are measured in ppm and potassium in percent by weight. APPLICATIONS Many of the applications of the Natural gamma ray spectral logging are shown on Figure 11. In a shaly sand, if a mineral rich in potassium such as mica, for example, is present, the total gamma ray signal will increase giving a false indication of percentage shale, when in fact, this additional

SPATIAL AND SPECTRAL MODELING OF THE GAMMA-RAY DISTRIBUTION IN THE LARGE MAGELLANIC CLOUD Gary Foreman1, You-Hua Chu1, Robert Gruendl1, Annie Hughes2, Brian Fields1,3, and Paul Ricker1 1 Department of Astronomy, University of Illinois, 1002 W. Green St., Urbana, IL 61801, USA; 2 Max-Planck-Institut fr Astronomie, Knigstuhl 17, D

Mar 08, 2019The gamma ray response is used for correlation of formations between wells and for estimating volume shale and/or volume clay minerals. An advanced version of the gamma ray tool, called the spectral gamma ray, breaks down or segments the detected gamma rays by their different energies using spectral analysis techniques. These segments

Feb 17, 2016Gama ray log 1. Origin and Sources of GR Gamma Rays are bursts of high-energy electromagnetic waves that are emitted spontaneously by some radioactive elements ( unlike Alpha and Beta rays of low energy ) Correlation curves (Lithology curves) : Gamma Ray log measures natural radioactivity of formation due to the radioactive material disintegration ( decay) : – Potassium (K )

In suitable black shale systems, vertical variations in organic richness can be approximated by measuring the uranium content using spectral gamma‐ray measurements. This may be especially important in outcrop studies because gamma‐ray logging is a straightforward field technique.


The Multi-Sensor Spectral Gamma Ray Tool (MGT) is a third party tool developed by the Lamont-Doherty Borehole Research Group to improve the vertical resolution of natural gamma-ray logs. This is achieved by using an array of short detector modules with approximately 2 ft (60 cm) spacing.

11.3 Electromagnetic spectrum (ESADK). EM radiation is classified into types according to the frequency of the wave: these types include, in order of increasing frequency, radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays.

Spectral gamma-ray data can also be used for cyclostratigraphic analysis of the formation, to help identify the frequency of paleoceanographic and/or climatic change (Figure 5). Data acquired by the recently developed Lamont Multisensor Gamma ray Tool will be particularly valuable for time series analysis, due to its very high resolution (~8 cm).

We present γ-ray, X-ray, ultraviolet, optical, and near-infrared light curves of 33 γ-ray bright blazars over four years that we have been monitoring since 2008 August with multiple optical, ground-based telescopes and the Swift satellite, and augmented by data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and other publicly available data from Swift.

A positron and an electron can annihilate each other, creating two gamma-ray photons of 511 keV each. The technology to observe these gamma-ray lines is not as well developed as at other wavelengths. Still, there have been many important discoveries in the last decade or so, using the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, among others. The technology

Natural Gamma/ Temp-Conductivity/ Flowmeter (FTC60) Full-Wave Triple Sonic (FWS60) Sonde Gamma natural (GR38) Gamma Ray Spectral (GRS42) Natural Gamma / Temperature Probes (GRT38) Focused Electric (GUIP38) Induced Polarization (IP38) MAGNETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY PROBE (MAG43) Water quality probe (WQP48) TRISONDE (TRS38G) Uranium Exploration Probe

Using an advanced detector and data acquisition routine, Core Laboratories' Spectral Core Gamma Unit offers: total gamma ray recorded in API units; elemental contributions recorded in terms of Potassium (%), Uranium (ppm), and Thorium (ppm) and a calibrated bulk density value.

Title Spectral Studies of Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) prompt emission spectra contain a wealth of informa-tion about the unresolved creation mechanism and source environment. A detailed spectral study of GRBs is, therefore, crucial to unveiling their nature. Previous spectral studies have shown compelling evidence that

Field Investigations of Airborne Gamma Ray Spectral Domain

airborne gamma ray spectral signatures reflect surficial cover (30 to 50 cm depth) composition, EXTECH IV studies used a multidisciplinary approach involving surficial geology, geochemistry, and ground geophysics to investigate 1 Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, 601 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0E8.

Gamma rays are produced in the disintegration of radioactive atomic nuclei and in the decay of certain subatomic particles.The commonly accepted definitions of the gamma-ray and X-ray regions of the electromagnetic spectrum include some wavelength overlap, with gamma-ray radiation having wavelengths that are generally shorter than a few tenths of an angstrom (10 −10 metre) and gamma-ray

Mar 08, 2019The gamma ray response is used for correlation of formations between wells and for estimating volume shale and/or volume clay minerals. An advanced version of the gamma ray tool, called the spectral gamma ray, breaks down or segments the detected gamma rays by their different energies using spectral analysis techniques. These segments

This section provides a general overview of gamma-ray spectra analysis, with particular emphasis on the methods and options available in the SPECTRA program. The topics discussed include: the optional smoothing of the spectral data; methods for the detection of peaks, including special

Gamma-ray emission from the bright radio source 3C 84, associated with the Perseus cluster, is ascribed to the radio galaxy NGC 1275 residing at the centre of the cluster. Study of the correlated X-ray/gamma-ray emission from this active galaxy, and investigation of the possible disk-jet connection, are hampered because the X-ray emission, particularly in the soft X-ray band (2ndash;10 keV

Spectral Diversities of Gamma-ray Bursts in High Energy Bands: Hints from Turbulent Cascade Jirong Mao 1 ;2 3, Liande Li 4, and Jiancheng Wang ABSTRACT We statistically examine the gamma-ray burst (GRB) photon indices obtained by the Fermi-GBM and Fermi-LAT observations and compare the LAT GRB

The spectral survey can be observed on a remote monitor while the downhole spectral survey is being recorded. Does not have to retrieve spectral gamma ray from downhole before getting survey results. Other services recorded on same trip downhole are correlation gamma ray, temperature survey, and collar log for depth control with other surveys.

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