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The peat is then dried further, screened, and compressed into the bales of peat moss--this final product-- that we buy in stores. Most of our peat moss comes from Canada, much of it Quebec, although some in the Midwest and South comes from Michigan. Some other products made with the peat moss are peat pellets, used for starting seeds, and peat Indiana Mulch Bulk Oragnic Peat Moss per cubic yard [bulkanic.peat.moss] - Enter SAVENOW at checkout to receive 5% off your online order. One bulk item per delivery charge. Peat moss comes from the surface layers of peat bogs and is made of partially decomposed plants and essential nutrients. Organic peat moss aerates plant roots by loosening heavy clay soils, or adds body

Peat moss

Peat moss, also called bog moss or sphagnum moss, any of more than 150–300 species of plants in the subclass Sphagnidae, of the division Bryophyta, comprising the family Sphagnaceae, which contains one genus, Sphagnum.The taxonomy of Sphagnum species remains controversial, with various botanists accepting quite different numbers of species. The pale green to deep red plants, up to 30 cm

HORTIMED peat moss substrates are products with the highest quality and standards. Our main advantage is that for the substrate production, we use different types of peat moss, from various fields, meaning that we always can control and balance the needed humidity, consistency, sustainability and firmness of our products.

Peat Moss is a dense herbaceous perennial with a ground-hugging habit of growth. It brings an extremely fine and delicate texture to the garden composition and should be used to full effect. This is a relatively low maintenance plant, and should not require much pruning, except when necessary, such as to remove dieback.

Peat moss is ideal for germinating seeds and growing seedlings. Its porosity makes it easy for young roots to penetrate and the anti-fungal properties help control infction. The relative amount of peat used for this application is very small and finding an alternative will have little impact on the environment. Keep using peat moss for seeds.

At least the peat moss advice is non-toxic, but there a couple of problems here. First, Take-All Patch is not a rampant disease, especially with organic projects. Second, if lowering the pH is the key to fighting this disease, then vinegar and greensand would be quicker, better and far cheaper.


Our field comparisons of manure compost vs. peat moss topdressings indicate the peat moss to be a more effective long-term approach for reducing symptoms of the TARR disease. Some of the older research literature on the fungus causing TAP indicates its aversion to low pH. This might explain how the peat moss (pH = 4.4) controls the fungus on

Peat moss increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil, helping it to hold on to nutrients for extended periods, like moisture, releasing them when needed to help your plants thrive. Peat moss has a low pH (4.4), so if you use a lot of it, lime should be added as well to balance out the acidity.

Jul 30, 2017As for the PH level - if Peat moss really changed the ph level of the soil, then it would be on a recommendation for soil tests. But it doesn't. It's spread at such a low amount that it has very little effect, if any. As for spreading peat moss - it's all in the rake. I honestly love this rake for moving peat moss.

May 12, 2020Peat moss is found in bogs — swampy, mucky, waterlogged areas primarily located in the northern hemisphere. In fact, Canada, Finland, Ireland, and Russia are the primary sources for the commercial product, according to Marianne C. Ophardt at the Washington State University Extension. Scotland, too, is home to much bog, with 23% of the country being covered with peat.

Peat Moss; Peat Moss. Product Application: Small-cell propagation; Forestry seedlings; Germination media; Golf green and tee construction; Component in horticultural growing media; Mushroom casing; Nursery plant installation; Landscape soil conditioning; Preparation of flowerbeds

Apr 05, 2019Despite being cheaper than sphagnum peat moss, high-quality coco peat is a better growing medium. Its typical pH level is 6.0, which puts it within the ideal growing range of 5.5 to 7. Peat moss, on the other hand, has a pH of around 4.5, meaning it's slightly acidic.

compressed Canadian sphagnum peat moss. It is ideal for improving water retention and aeration of your garden soil. Especially suited for acid-loving plants and can slightly lower the pH of alkaline soils. OMRI Listed for organic gardening. Size: 2.2 cuft

Peat Moss: an organic-rich medium ; Mesh: a fine netting to hold the peat moss; Typically Lime, Ammonium, and fertilizer: to improve chemical properties. Jiffy Pellets are dry compressed discs with the main advantage to be used as both pot and potting mix in one.

Valuable applications for peat moss

cially feasible applications for these extraordinary plants. Keywords Sphagnum .Moss .Peat .Peatmoss . Composition .Hydrolysis .Application .Fermentation . Preservation .Absorption 1 Introduction Sphagnum mosses are globally important plants due to their ability to form peat

The peat moss industry harvests less than 2% of the existing supply each year and says that this amount of collection is sufficient to keep up with demand. Even though that doesn't sound like a lot, areas that are harvested can't recover at a fast enough rate for peat moss to be considered a renewable resource.

Peat moss is the dried, partially decomposed remains of mosses that grew in very acid bogs and its pH ranges from 3.5 to 4.0, about as acid as orange juice or tomato juice. Dolomite lime has an alkaline reaction and is often used to raise the pH of soil or potting mixes.

Feb 04, 2020Peat moss provides a sterile medium, which is ideal for planting and growing your plants. It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, weed seeds and other bad thing you don't want for your plants. This is why peat moss is ideal starting medium, particularly for tender, vulnerable plants that require a

Sphagnum peat moss is well suited for indoor and outdoor horticultural applications. It conditions all soils by improving aeration, water drainage and nutrient/water retention. It is used as soil amendment for s. Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss.

Peat inoculant application guide SLURRY INOCULATION 5L 15m Mix the entire contents of the pack into 5 L of cool, clean water. Group AL, B C users will also need to add their chosen polymer. Nodulaid NT users will also need to add the contents of the NT sachet. 1 Pour the slurry over the correct weight of seed and mix until all seeds are wet

Peat moss passes EPA requirements for land filling. Peat moss improves soil conditions after a cleanup. Peat moss is easy to use and absorbs more than its own weight. Peat moss is non-leaching. Holds on to a spill or mess for transportation to approved landfill sites. Applications. Peat moss as an absorbent has been used in many applications

Peat moss is a useful amendment for gardeners because it helps the soil to retain moisture. It's often used in potting mixes for this reason. Because it doesn't break down quickly, a single application is all that's required to last for a good chunk of time.

Jul 30, 2017As for the PH level - if Peat moss really changed the ph level of the soil, then it would be on a recommendation for soil tests. But it doesn't. It's spread at such a low amount that it has very little effect, if any. As for spreading peat moss - it's all in the rake. I honestly love this rake for moving peat moss.

At Felger's Peat Moss we provide our customers with landscape and hardscape materials for residential and commercial applications.. Because your home and landscape is unique and truly one of a kind, creating a distinctive and appealing appearance is a compliment to you and your home or business.

Nov 22, 2019The dark brown, compact matter that recognizes as peat moss is a far cry from the organic material's origins. Peat moss is the decomposed remains of sphagnum moss and other living things that form a dead and fibrous material over the course millennia in peat bogs around the world. Peat moss doesn't compact, so it can last for years in soils, providing excellent aeration and water

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