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Top(Bottom)entry mixers Side entry mixers Portable mixers Magnetic drive mixers Special mixers; Impellers. There are lots of types of impellers. According to the structure difference, there are more than ten types, such as paddle, open turbine, disc turbine, saw-teeth type, propeller, hydrofoil, Bulmarking type, screw, helical ribbon, anchor and gate type, and other special types. Medium duty bottom entry agitators and mixers are suitable for applications like vegetable oil storage, dairy products and juice storage. These applications are characterized by: Mixing applications where higher forces are required; Larger tank volumes up to approx. 100 m3; Viscosities range up to approx. 5000 cP; Pressurized tanks (max. 16 bar g)


When your application requires agitation, Feldmeier engineers will select an agitator to match your processing requirements. Feldmeier offers a variety of agitators designed from mild to aggressive. If your goal is to keep items in suspension, dissolve solids, minimize foaming or aggressive blending to minimize batch times, the staff at Feldmeier will custom design the vessel and agitator for you.

Aug 11, 2015Top-Entry Tank Agitators. R Series Top-Entry Tank Agitator; L Series Top-Entry Tank Agitator; Agitator Engineering and Design; Industries; Applications. Liquid Blending; Solid Suspension; Dispersion; Dissolution; When the bottom of

The Fluidpro Top Entry Series agitators are capable of handling some of the largest applications in the industry. A modular concept that is robust in design, this range offers tank mixing solutions designed to suit open, closed and fully sealed vessels. Each application is carefully considered taking into account individual process mixing requirements.

mechanical design Agitators Mixers Disperser . Mixers are both top entry, side entry or bottom entry Also disperser are used Agitators Mixers Disperser . PHARMACEUTICAL Pharmacy is a sector characterised by considerable constraints in the fields of traceability and

In addition to the classical top-entry arrangement, bottom entry agitators, side-entry agitators and complete reactors are also available. The capability of fractional-horsepower (FHP) to 4000 HP agitators match growing trends in reactor designs. High-quality industrial agitators and custom-built solutions

Proper Mixer Mounting

Oct 29, 2013For large industrial agitators to allow the shaft drive section to be separated so that the shaft rests on the flange gearbox can be take off for service: Pedestal Flange Mount Pedestal mount to house stuffing box or mechanical seals for pressurized tanks: Side-Entry Flange Mount For side-entry tank agitators: Heavy-Duty Clamp Mount

The design of large top entry agitators is often driven more by the requirement for the gearboxes to withstand high bending moments, as opposed to a requirement for high torque. As the gearboxes are always limited by torque and output shaft size selected accordingly, high bending moments often dictate the selection of larger gearboxes.

The constant level of liquid in the tank used for design purposes. Low Liquid Level. The lowest liquid level in the tank which still requires effective agitation. Looking For A Custom Mixing Solution? Contact Sepro Mixing Pumping to have a industrial agitator, top, side, or bottom entry mixer designed for your specific application.

BEA – Bottom Entry Agitator. The agitator serie BEA – B ottom E ntry A gitator – is designed for an assembly to the vessel bottom from below. This type is particularly suitable for very large systems where the drive is based on a seperate foundation beside the agitator. To prevent a breakthrough of product there are several high-end sealing systems available, e.g. with purge gas or fluid and fully-automatic

entry mixer designs and we can advise you on your best method of mixing in large tanks. — TOP — SIDE ENTRY MARINE PROPELLER — SIDE ENTRY HYDROBLADESEIMPELLER YEARS Power Requirements (Simple Blending) 100 80 0.25 0.37 0.55 0.75 1,1 1.5 2,2 3 4 5.5 Motor Power (Kw) SERIES 5500 The simple compact design of the Mixertech Series 5500

This highly custom magnetically-driven mixer was designed for top entry use in extreme conditions. Due to the sensitivity of the product to contamination, Fusion developed this high torque top entry mixer. Tank spool with 45 degree sanitary fittings was also included to allow product addition with limited tank space.

2. Agitator Design ..31 a. Introduction to Mixing Process Evaluation b. Calculation of Power requirement for Newtonian fluid c. Introduction to non-Newtonian fluid and power requirement for non-Newtonian fluids d. Problems and Solution on power number e. Shaft, Hub and Key Design By: Mihir P.Shah, DDU, Nadiad 3.

agitators As a further development of the M44 series, the M48 mechanical seal was introduced as an official product series for DIN agitators. 1995 Pioneering gas seals EagleBurgmann is the first successful manufacturer of gaslubricated agitator seals both for top and side entry, as well as for bottom entry drives. 2008 First agitator seal with

I Application I Operating principle I Design and features

promoted if the bottom is curved. The agitator is installed decentralized to enhance the circular flow. Thus a complete homogenization of the product is achieved. I Design and features Side-entry agitator. Internal mechanical seal: EN12756 (DIN 24960 L1K). Economical for use in large volume tanks. Robust and sanitary design. Easy maintenance.

1254 MECHANICAL DESIGN OF MIXING EQUIPMENT Figure 21-6 Bottom-entering mixer. (Chemical Engineering, August 2, 1976, pp. 89–94.) cost advantages of side-entering mixers. Bottom-entering mixers are used when process requirements or tank geometry makes top or side mounting impractical. 21-2.2 Other Types of Mixers

Top entry, split mixer seal VRA Top entry, dry running single mixer seals Equipment Type • Mixers, agitators Operating Parameters Pressure up to 6 bar (90 psi) Temperature -18 to 150C (0 to 300F) Speed up to 1.5 m/s (5 fps) Shaft Sizes 40 to 220 mm (1.500 to 9.000 inch) Features • Dry running contacting seal • Single outside design

Features of Bottom Entry Magnetic Mixers 1. This bottom entry magnetic agitator is workable in the temperature range from -60℃ to 350℃. 2. This magnetic stirrer can be operated with the pressure between -0.1 and 22MPa 3. Output torque of this bottom entry magnetic agitator is

Jan 17, 2016Agitaion and mixing 1. Agitation And Mixing 2. Agitation and Mixing Many operations depend upon effective agitation and mixing of components Agitation: induced motion of a material Mixing: random distribution of two initially separate phases A single homogeneous material such as water in a tank can be agitated but not mixed until another material is added to tank

When activated it operates at 2 bar (30 psi) and higher, causing a cone of water that jets up to 7.6 m (25") to spray upward at the underside of the tank agitator blades. The water jets clean product residue from the agitator blades with up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs.) of force. Check out

Jan 18, 2009Design Of Shaft Length Of Agitator - posted in Industrial Professionals: Agitator shaft length should be calculated on which basis. I am asking this because on low level alarm (20 %) of tank, agitator is not getting immersed in liquid resulting in frequent damage to bearing due to vibration so we have changed alarm value to 50% instead of 20%.

2. Agitator Design ..31 a. Introduction to Mixing Process Evaluation b. Calculation of Power requirement for Newtonian fluid c. Introduction to non-Newtonian fluid and power requirement for non-Newtonian fluids d. Problems and Solution on power number e. Shaft, Hub and Key Design By: Mihir P.Shah, DDU, Nadiad 3.

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