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Jul 27, 2020The famous violin maker Stradivarius was one of the best cello makers in the world. He created the standard size for the cello, and many of his instruments are still played today. Stradivarius and Amati cellos that have stood the test of time are among the most expensive cellos in the world. Salzburg, about 1740-80. Is said to have made the small violin on which Mozart learnt to play. MAYSON, Walter H. A maker in Manchester who began as an amateur, but soon adopted violin-making as a profession. His instruments are excellent. MEARES, Richard. A maker of lutes. London in 1677; lute and viol-maker on verge of the violin.

Chinese Violins

F and A model. Full hand made by our individual maker himself from the beginning to the end with hand tools only, at normal craftsmanship quality, not as top as our violins, need your more detailed work after our maker's work. Worth to order as 1. your lighter work will be involved; 2. price is low; 3. full hand made with no machine; 4.

Prestigious international competitions, events organized around the world, are certain checkpoint for abilities of a maker. Among hundreds of instruments the few best are chosen which can meet demands of beauty of form and quality of sound. Instruments are thoroughly verified by jury that consists of famous violin makers and musicians.

We are a professional supplier for musical instruments and accessories from China. Welcome to contact us if any request. My factory is located in Weifang, China, who specializes in manufactureing( buildiing) and exporting all kinds of musical instruments, such as electric guitars, electric basses, acoustic, acoustic electric guitar and its

A comprehensive listing of violin makers arranged by country. The majority of the world's violin makers are located in Europe, which is not surprising since the violin originated in Europe and the craft of luthiers has had nearly 500 years of refinement on this continent.

Dec 26, 2016The first four string violin was made by Andrea Amati. The most famous makers of violins include G.P. Maggini (1580-1632), the Amati family of Cremona (1500-1740), the Guarneri del Ges family of Venice (1626-1744), Jacob Stainer of the Austrian Tyrol and, above all, Antonio Stradivari.

Mittenwald, Germany: The Center of German Violinmaking

If not musicians, then certainly student luthiers – violin makers– who have flocked to the small village of Mittenwald where Klotz-crafted instruments have been made since the mid 17 th century. The Klotz family is historically at the heart of the violinmaking history of Mittenwald municipality in Bavaria (Garmisch-Partenkirchen district).

Feb 11, 2020The violin is made in China but assembled and setup in the US by experienced luthiers. The Bunnel series is perfect for most beginners and will last through to intermediate levels of play. The violin is pre-strung with Portland strings and is equipped with a Brazilwood and Mongolian horsehair bow. Extra strings are included as well as a rosin.

100+ Brands and Stores Made in the USA. These 100+ brands and stores are made in the USA. If you're in the patriotic spirit, or just want to support American small business, here's a list of companies to consider! If you want to shop American at Amazon, use this link, but remember to double-check the seller before purchase. Clothing

This violin was made by the Kiso Suzuki Violin Company Ltd. in Fukushima, Kiso, Japan in 1973. The earliest makers of violins in Japan were Sadajiro Matunaga and Masakichi Suzuki (b.1859–d.1944). Both were trained as shamisen makers and began making violins based on instruments brought to Japan toward the end of the 19th century from Western

The handful of violin-makers in the 1960s has today grown to some 100 workshops where the 'new masters' and their apprentices make or restore mainly violins but also violas and cellos. As the annual production of a violin-maker is around ten instruments a year, most work is commissioned, and the waiting list can be as long as 6 months to a

Italian Violin Makers, German Violin Makers, English Violin Makers, Antonio Stradivari French Violin Makers ALDRIC, Paris, 1790-1844. Copied Stradivari with great skill. He was also well known as a dealer in Cremonese instruments. He was one of the earliest French makers who dealt with Luigi Tarisio, the famous Italian connoisseur.

1/8 violin Hand made in 1898 by Joseph Isaac Hugill: Made in 1898 by Joseph Isaac Hugill in Kinburn, Ontario. Dark Brown. Very nice wood. Excellent big sound. $4500: 1/8 Dai Hong Xiang and Zheng Quan violins: Several 1/8 size violins made under the direction of these international gold medal winning master violin makers.

An upgrade from the JS900, this model is made from only the finest hand selected European woods. It has a superior tone unmatched for this price level of instrument. It is made in Xian, China by master maker Ji Suo Xue. The tone is warm and colorful with great projection.

The Greatest Violin No One's Ever Heard

Apr 08, 2016"Le Messie" became an icon without anyone ever putting a bow to its bridge. Its story is much larger than air, wood, and strings. Sitting in its display case, or on an examining table in the Prints Room, the "Messiah" encapsulates the entire violin world, an exquisitely Italian icon inextricably linked to Oxford and the collecting legacy of W. E. Hill Sons.

Aug 04, 2009The four names you mentioned were actually good old violin makers, and their product were fantastic and wonderful. china violins are just wash out, they are good for nothing, it is just a waste of money and time. What determine a good violin is the wood. How the wood was carved, and the resonating power of the wood to bring out good quality sound.

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Feb 13, 2020During the period 14 – 18 July we are closed. Please call us at +43 660 944 1658 or +43 660 944 1659. Thank you for your understanding. Located in the center of Europe, in Vienna, Austria, we offer old and modern European violins, violas, cellos, double basses and bows. Our inventory is rich in 18th, 19th and 20th century European instruments and bows in excellent condition at unbeatable prices.

Famous Violin Makers Over the next 100 years the violin would become a very popular instrument throughout all of Europe. The construction and art of building violins would reach its peek in the 1600's with the two most famous violin makers, the Guarneri and the Stradivari family of violin makers

As American violin expert David Bromberg has said, to make a really good violin, you have to have seen something great. Craftspersons born in the United States had little or no contact with truly fine stringed instruments until European virtuosi began to tour America in the mid 19th century.

Jun 18, 2015In general, a student violin is made from lower-quality wood and involves less hand work. These violins usually have some parts made of plastic, such as the pegs and chin rest. Student violins are great for children who are interested in learning, but are not yet sure if they will play for very long.

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