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Apr 03, 2017I also took advantage of the package deal of a DiabloSport I2 programmer with custom tune by Hemifever from Moe's Performance and it really woke up the truck. I never got the chance to measure any mileage gains but as far as performance the truck was a real blast to drive. As far as mileage goes, I never measured it. Jun 20, 2020Great mileage; Especially for the f150 type automobiles, a quality programmer is badly essential. And in this content: I share the best programmer for 5.0 f150 (With a comprehensive review). But before going to the brief discussion: Let me describe why you should require a powerful programmer for your 5.0 f150.

best programmer for mileage?

Jun 12, 2016Every manufacturer is under the gun to provide maximum mileage, so if there was a change in programming that would not negatively effect the engine, either in performance or longevity, the factory would have been all over it. So be very weary about people saying I added xyz programmer and got an extra 3 mpg.

Original Brand Tool Packages Offers Car Diagnostic Tool Auto Key Programmer ECU Chip Tuning Key Cutting Lock Pick Tool Heavy Duty Diagnostic Oversea Warehouse Mileage Programmer Car Diagnostic Software Moe Car Keys Auto Locksmith Tool Car Key Blanks OBD2 Code Scanner Car Key Chips VAG Diagnostic Tool Airbag Reset Tool OBD2 Cable and

United Airlines | MileagePlus - Voluntary Denied Boarding - VDB/Bump Experiences on UA [2019] - Originally Posted by jjmoore Undoubtedly TCVA voucher. Cash is only given to IDB by UA. I have heard of other airlines giving out cash incintive (AA) or Visa gift

Jun 29, 2017The magnuson SC I just added came with a bullydog. It has a coach where you can program parameters of gas mileage you're trying to achieve. Having just added the SC I'm testing the added power which isn't helping. With the SC I get 11.5- 12.1 and without the SC 12.7. Good luck with improving gas mileage.

Mar 28, 2011my f250 has 165,000 miles on it and is stock. I want to get a programmer and friend of mine that works at a ford dealership said that it is bad to put a programmer on a truck with this many miles on it. I am just wondering if this is true. I am not really looking for much better performance, just better fuel mileage.

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Recent Posts. VVDI vs. AVDI vs.SMOK vs. ACDP, which diagnostic key programmer to buy? Toyota Techstream V15.20.015 V15.10.029 free download; Autel MK908P Scanner Newbie Review Pros and Cons; Toyota Smart Key Reset by Scorpio-LK Tango programmer; Review: I do like how fast Xhorse VVDI BMW can make a key

Sep 10, 20131,019 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 20, 2010. Do any of the power programmers allow you to set or modify the shift points to pretty much anywhere you want? I would like them to be higher. Can anyone reccomend a product for me to do this or anyone around DFW that can do it for me?

Jan 12, 2014'07 LBZ with Duramileage Programmer I'm running the 80 ECON tune, went from 17.5 to 21.5 hwy 70mph([email protected]) From 10 up to 11.5-14 towing depending on load and grade getting 24mpg Hwy at 60mph consistant and that is hand calculated, go above 60 and it falls off fast This setting also gives cosiderable power

Dec 31, 2019Bully Dog GT Platinum – Versatile Diesel Diagnostic and Performance Tuner. Anyone who needs an all-in-one tuner with superior diagnostic technology may want to take a look at this performance tuner. It masterfully combines various tools to create an efficient multi-use device that can help you get more of what you need out of your truck while saving time and energy.

Apr 20, 2010The mileage is encoded in two hexadecimal octets. The two octets have an inverted checksum. These four octets are duplicated four times per line, for a total of eight copies. In my case, I have 20 1B DF E4 duplicated eight times. My actual mileage is contained in 20 1B. The DF E4 is the inverted checksum. Each digital is a multiplier.

Jan 28, 2018On a gas engine, if you are under boost your adding fuel because you need more fuel to maintain desired afr. Of course there is always a trade off between efficiency of the engine, clearly making more power under boost due to better VE. Everything is a little different with diesel. Diesels control engine speed and power output with fuel only, and as such lean is actually cooler so no

Feb 14, 2020The beauty of these programmers is that they offer a wide range of features and plenty of customizations to fit your individual needs. The flood of choices is sometimes hard to wade through, but I've selected the cream of the crop so you can choose the best tuner programmer

Equals SK247 + SK247-1 + SK247-2 + SK247-3 + SK247-4 + SK247-5 + SK247-6 + SK247-7 + SK247-8 + SK247-9 + SK247-11 1.Support BMW Full Key Programmer, like CAS1 to CAS4+ and FEM/BDC Key Programming, Read Write BMW DME ISN Code by OBD and BMW 35080, 35160DO WT, also Refresh BMW Keys and BMW FRM Programming 2.Support Porsche BCM Key Programming Support Add

Smarty Programmer

Nov 22, 2009the SMARTY is an awesome upgrade! Greatly improves drivabilty. Throttle response is amazing! fuel saver mode adds alot more sop power than stock, yet yields better fuel mileage than stock. On one tank I had a 4-5 mile per gallon increase over stock! NO LIE. But i am used to crappy gasser mileage so I dont care about mileage anyway.

Jun 24, 2010Mileage sucks with the DPF on. I would get a Banks if I were going to keep the DPF on. I have seen the edge in action, the power is decent but the fuel economy while towing is not any better. Ultimately if you want anything close to respectable fuel mileage the DPF must go. That means a race programmer even if the tune is small say 35

Recently multiple mechanics are inquiring about Digiprog 3 V4.94 mileage programmer vehicle list. Although there already is a vehicle support list provided by the manufacturer, some customers want to know more details about the Digi 3 vehicle support.

Are you looking for the best programmer for GMC Sierra 1500? You're in the right place. If you are looking to add torque, power and fuel economy to your GMC Sierra then a programmer can make that happen. They can tune your truck by working on its computer to enhance the overall performance of

Posts about Mileage Programmer written by janetlan. Hot summer how to love a good cooling purposes. Posted on September 20, 2013. Body care, more summer rainfall in the central plains, the acid in the rain, strong sunlight can cause on the surface corrosion and oxidation.

Mar 10, 2011I have a 2006 F350 6.0l last two 80 mile trips the truck computer said 18.8 and 19.1 mpg that is empty with cruise set at 70 mph. I have only owned the truck for 2 weeks. What exactly are your getting? I was looking at the the edge programmers as well, more for diagnositics reasons then power or mileage settings.

Mar 28, 2020So what tuning does is to modify the way your vehicle performs and in the process, improve the mileage, horsepower, torque, and several other lesser significant details. A tuner is a device that has been designed to aid your engine in functioning at its optimum; it improves the horsepower, improves fuel usage and thus overall contributes to

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