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Simeon Solid Minerals Limited is a registered company with the Nigerian Coorate Affairs Commission and Export Promotion Council. Our main office located at #T2 Miango road, Jos plateau state, Nigeria.Simeon Ltd are fully into solid minerals business since On the contribution of the solid minerals industry to Nigeria' GDP, the report aligned with the National Bureau of Statistics figure of N224.79 billion representing 0.18% of the country's GDP. A breakdown of this figure shows that quarrying and other minerals accounted for 0.16%, while coal and metal ores accounted for 0.01% each.

List of Solid Minerals in Nigeria and their Locations

Feb 10, 2018List of Solid Minerals in Nigeria and their Locations 1) Abia: salt, oil/gas, limestone, zinc, lead, zinc 2) Abuja: Cassiterite, dolomite, clay, gold, lead, zinc, tantalite and marble. 3) Adamawa: Magnesite and kaolin, gypsum and bentonite. 4) Akwa Ibom: Limestone, oil and gas, salt and uranium

Nov 13, 2015According to NEITI audit report on solid mineral operation in Nigeria, there are six buying centers, nine dredging companies, 11 exporters of solid minerals, 14 medium scale mining companies, 35 commercial quarries, 54 construction quarries, eight quarries for manufacturing giving a total of one hundred and 37 activities in the solid mineral

Feb 23, 2016In an unsavory practice that has lasted for more than 40 years, however, Nigeria's heritage in solid minerals is, no doubt, being neglected, for the very simple reason that oil inflow is fairly easy and outsourceable: Government simply abdicates to a number of multinational producing companies and money comes into the treasury.

from solid minerals in comparison to Nigeria's 0.4%, during the same period. Recent increases in exploration and expansion of mines throughout Africa have concentrated on gold and diamonds but improving base metal prices has generated exceptional levels of

Nov 20, 2015NIGERIA SOLID MINERAL RESOURCES AND THEIR LOCATION. Conclusion. NOTE: Illegal mining of Solid minerals in Nigeria is an offence that attracts punishment by law, so if you want to start the business of mining solid minerals in Nigeria I will advice you obtain solid minerals mining license from the Federal Ministry of Mines and Power in Abuja


The annual Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative ("NEITI") Solid Minerals Audit Report put total revenue from the sector in 2013 at N33.86 billion, and in 2014 at N55.82 billion accounting for just 0.11 percent of GDP. In 2015, a marginal growth was recorded in solid minerals mining with

What is obvious is that the business community is largely ignorant of the economic potentials which exist in Nigeria's solid minerals sector. Our company, Tasaree International Limited (TIL) is a certified metal and mineral consultants. We conduct training, workshop, seminars and specialize in providing a broad array of consulting services to

harnessing the minerals in Nigeria. An attempt will also be made to examine the possible precautions and reme-dies that can be applied in order to mitigate the effect of adverse environmental impact of mining activities. Table 1 shows the minerals deposits that are currently being exploited in Nigeria. Some of the minerals, notably,

Aug 23, 2020Set up your safety company focussing on the Nigeria solid mineral sector and watch your pocket swell. Some of the PPE materials that are needed in the industry include protective clothing, head gear, eye gear, hand protection, fall protection, respirators and mask, footwear etc. #14.

In all ramifications, Nigeria is immensely endowed with numerous mineral resources. Every state in the country has some form of mineral deposit, waiting to be tapped for economic prosperity. According to Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), Nigeria has 45 different solid minerals buried in various locations across the country. But these minerals are largely untapped.

Resuscitating Nigerian Marble Mining Company, Igbeti by reconstituting its Board. Participating in solid minerals exhibition and conferences to showcase solid mineral potential of the State. Resuscitation of Pacesetter Quarry and Asphalt Plant, Ijaye, and Oloba Burnt Bricks Factory which are in progress.

Dec 22, 2015That said, even for our pioneer miners, the road to mining prosperity has not been easy. Many companies who have kept faith with Nigeria have struggled due to challenges in the solid minerals sector. Today, the Nigerian mining industry faces two (2) sets of challenges: external and internal. External Challenges

The main solid minerals in Nigeria's mining industry include coal, tin, niobium and gold. In 2010, Nigeria produced an estimated 21,200 metric tons of aluminium, 600 kg of gold, 50,000 metric tons of iron ore, 450,000 metric tons of bituminous coal, 190 metric tons of niobium (columbium) and 230 metric tons of tin (US Geological Survey).

Solid minerals exported without permits

May 31, 201631 May 2016, Abuja – An independent audit of the operational processes and financial payments to Nigeria from companies that mine her solid mineral resources has shown that more of the country's minerals were exported from her shores without legal permits. The report explained that while it is statutory that companies obtain regularly permits from the []

Nigeria has deposits of lithium within solid minerals like amblygonite, lepidolite, spodumene, and petolite, and these minerals are now being actively mined by locals in various communities. If you can spot some of mine sites with these minerals, you can first carry out a lab analysis to determine the lithium percentage then source buyers with

The solid minerals are sold and marketed to international buyers and end users i.e. car manufacturers, electronics manufacturers and developed world. Mining and solid minerals industry in Nigeria is an untapped and underfunded industry with amazing potentials to take Nigeria to the next level.

Feb 14, 2018KMC. The abbreviation stands for Kohath Mining Company. It is a part of the Investment Group with the same name, created in 2010 in Nigeria to mine solid minerals. The company boasts its Oro Tantalite project that is a unique one for the further development of mining industry in the country.

Heneli UK is in the business of sourcing, mining and marketing solid and industrial minerals. Heneli UK is part of Heneli minerals Nigeria. Heneli UK makes the difference as a knowledge-based company that has familiarised its self in depth with the mineral resources in Nigeria.

Feb 28, 2019The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, (NEITI), Mr. Waziri Adio, says the solid mineral sector, though not being tapped to its fullest, has the potential to grow Nigeria's economy, create jobs and address a number of social issues.

Feb 28, 2019The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, (NEITI), Mr. Waziri Adio, says the solid mineral sector, though not being tapped to its fullest, has the potential to grow Nigeria's economy, create jobs and address a number of social issues.

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